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Garmin Vivosmart HR Great quality, Affordable price!

Advantages: Large display Accurate step-tracking and heart-rate monitoring New daily goals feature Easy setup
Disadvantages: Screen overly sensitive Shorter battery life than competition No built-in diet tracking

Geared toward those looking to get more out of their workouts, the vivosmart HR incorporates a heart rate monitor and a large LCD to keep tabs on everything from your distance and calories burned to floors climbed and "intensity minutes." This tracker als ...

vincieoleary23 25.08.2016 · Read full review
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Review of Garmin Vivosmart HR

Cool and classy Fitbit charge 2

Advantages: Comfy classy
Disadvantages: it doesn't count the steps if pushing the buggy.

The Fitbit charge 2 is an upgrade to the popular Charge range since the charge HR which came out in 2015. The Fitbit Charge 2 brings with it a few new features, it specialises in accessible and easy to use fitness tracker. It comes with exercise, sleep, ...

lorna27 22.02.2017 · Read full review

Review of Fitbit Charge 2

classy and sporty with various colours!

Advantages: looks give it a plus but so does the many new features.
Disadvantages: its not water proof but water resistant

Although the fitness watches are mainly for keeping in track with your health and fitness, we have to wear it as long as possible to keep up with our physical exercises, so why not make it look stylish? the old HR had a much smaller and duller screen comp ...

anish321 17.02.2017 · Read full review
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Review of Fitbit Charge 2

Blazing my way to a healthier lifestyle with FitBit

Advantages: helps keep a healthy lifestyle
Disadvantages: price

My FitBIt Blaze, keeping me up together. As you may have read in my previous reviews I did have a FitBit Charge. When this was no more I felt an urgent need to purchase something to replace it to maintain my steps count! Bring in the FitBit Blaze ☺ ...

siberian-queen 11.03.2017 · Read full review
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Review of Fitbit Blaze

Fitbit Blaze! Faultless and does everything I need

Advantages: step count, Alarm clock, sleep tracker
Disadvantages: nothing found so far

...I was new to the whole world of Fitbit, Then I got given a fitbit blaze for my 29th birthday! It has changed my life. No exaggeration here Ive gone from struggling with sleep patterns and an unhealthy lifestyle to tracking my daily activities and monitori ...

punkessy 06.09.2016 · Read full review
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Review of Fitbit Blaze