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Community Level 5aestro


Paintballing at Delta

AdvantagesGreat fun, you'll laugh about it for years.

DisadvantagesThe pain, and lack of variety in playing fields.

"...trying paintballing, to check out Delta Paintball. More contact information is available on http://www.deltaforcedirect.co.uk/ xXx © aestro 2006 ..." Read review

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Community Level 1radrobin


Delta Force Paintball in Maidenhead. Incredible!

AdvantagesAmazing game zones, friendly marshals, high adrenaline fun

DisadvantagesQuite expensive, didn't last long enough!

"I went to a Delta Force paintball site in Maidenhead, near Reading, for my mates 18th a couple of weeks ago. His dad had booked us in online but after finding out that those VIP tickets are cheaper (and you get more free paintballs!) he cancelled the booking through the booking office and bought a couple of books of tickets. We turned up at around 9am and had to fill out a registration form. We were then issued our equipment. This consisted of a ..." Read review

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Community Level 4Smeep


Delta Force Beechwood (Birmingham)

AdvantagesGreat fun, Thrilling and Awesome.

DisadvantagesExpensive and game fields are small.

"...new annual paintball meet in Delta Force. We headed for the Beechwood field. - - - THE COST - - - The tickets cost me just short of £100, but I got 24 tickets for that. In order to book, you have to buy the first 100 paintballs at the full price of £10 per person. But I sold the tickets to the people that came (3 of them) for £20 a piece, so that was good. The paintballs on the day cost £6 per 100, or if you buy 2500 at once, you get them ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Markthesha...


Fancy a real adrenaline rush? Delta Force Paintball is for you!

AdvantagesExcellent value for money, best paintball games in the UK, friendly and professional staff

DisadvantagesNot a moment to rest

"...hit so much! Paintball at the Delta Force Upminster site was friggin awesome and we will definitely be back as soon as we can! ..." Read review

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Community Level 1acidhaus


Paintballing at Delta Force, an unforgettable experience!

AdvantagesA great day out with friends, friendly staff, top quality equipment and high adrenaline!

DisadvantagesThe day went too quickly, a little too fast paced for my liking.

"I went paintballing at a Delta Force site in Essex earlier this year as a get together party with some old school friends. We had all been at the pub the night before so it's fairly safe to say that none of us were up to running around a muddy woodland whilst getting shot at! Also the prompt 9.15 start wasn't exactly appealing but we arrived on time anyway. After registering and having our equipment issued to us (a helmet, a 'ninja' suit, paintball ..." Read review

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Community Level 1k9mike


Paintball Fun- Shoot Your Friends!

AdvantagesGreat fun, good for team buidling/stag/hen parties

DisadvantagesCan be expensive, paintballs hurt, can be dirty

"Delta Force operate one of the largest paintball theme parks outside the United States, establishing themselves in 1989. They have 20 paintballing sites all over the UK, with more sites planned. Delta Force state they have hosted paintballing events for royalty, and have entertained well known people such as: Shane Richie, Mark Owen, Jamie Theakston, Harry Hill, Hugh Laurie, Don Joly, Damon Hill, Ainsley Harriet, and the entire Chelsea Premiership ..." Read review

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Community Level 1martinblak...


Delta Force Paintball 100%

AdvantagesGr8 scenarios, FULL head protection and body armour!

Disadvantages20+ of their sites in the UK - wish there were 10 times as many.

"I played at Delta Force in Surrey last weekend and had an absolute blast. It was the third time I had been paintballing, and I won't go anywhere else but Delta Force in future. I had thought that all paintball sites were pretty much the same, but this just isn't the case. One word could be used to sum up Delta Force - Quality! The game zones were first rate: 1. Giant stone pyramid with tunnels and big (4m high zombie statues). I think it was ..." Read review

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Community Level 1dissfunkio...


delta force paintball is awesome!!

Advantagesawesome fun, cool guns, cool game fields, good marshals

Disadvantagesbreaks were too short, i kept getting hit too soon

"i went to delta force paintball in essex for my brothers 17th birthday with a load of our friends and my family. my mum booked 22 of us in on the day but at the last minute we had three other friends who wanted to play so the manager sorted it all out for us when we were signing in! top bloke! once we were all signed in and everything we were given our equiptment which is a helmet, black over alls, a hopper for holding your paintballs and you can ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Vijalante


My Birthday i will never forget!

AdvantagesSo many i lost count


"...my 15th birthday party at Delta Force Paintball in Crawley a few weeks ago and I can honestly say that it was the most fun I have ever had. A few of my friends had been paintballing a couple of times before and said that it was awesome and that I had to go so my parents were cool enough to sort it out for my birthday. Me and my friends have been quite into the call of duty computer game series for a while now so we felt quite confident about bringing ..." Read review

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Community Level 1rdthmn


Brilliant day out with the kids!

AdvantagesVery safety conscious, easy to book and fun games

DisadvantagesWish there was something other than pizza coz I'm on a diet! But the boys enjoyed mine!

"...recently went paintballing at the Delta Force paintball site in Southampton. I booked in four of us but a couple of days before the event, my sons wanted to bring a few of their friends so after a quick phone call I was a able to add five extra players to our booking. Come the day, the site was quite hard to find so we arrived ten or fifteen minutes late. We quickly had to fill out some registration forms, grab our equipment (a helmet, black overalls, ..." Read review

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Delta Force Coventry Mobbs Wood Farm



"My son chose a Delta Force party for his birthday this year (5th January 2013). He invited 6 friends to join him and what an amazing day they had. From the start the day was extremely well-organised and well-run. Staff were very welcoming and friendly, the health and safety talk was excellent and very well-aimed at the age of the children, and clear explanations about the day were given. The children had a total of 6 game zones, with a break for ..." Read review

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Community Level 1deltafarce


delta force - Deepwood - what a rip off...

Advantagespaintball is fun -

Disadvantagesrip off, try to scam at every opportunity - trade under many different names.

"...time i played at deepwood delta force site i bought the tickets on the street from one of the many misnamed fronts for the company (ipg). I paid £10 per ticket for 20 tickets with 2000 free paintballs, they told me they were not delta force. then when i went to book on the telephone number it was delta force. they also made me pay a further £10 and said it was for 2000 more paintballs. on the day only 17 players turned up and delta force refused ..." Read review

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An excellent 14th Birthday Party

Advantagesgood value for money, a whole day's entertainment

Disadvantagesmay need more paintballs,

"My son and his friends very much enjoyed their day at Missilewood - each round had them coming back a bit more tired, but still exhilerated and with smiles on their faces. You do get a lot for your money - a whole day's entertainment, lunch included - but it is probably sensible to budget for a few more paintballs, as my son put it: "as it does take away the fun of the game when you have to conserve ammo". Speaking as someone whose job it was to ..." Read review

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Community Level 1dreamwhate...


Delta Force Effingham


DisadvantagesRip off prices in boiler suits

"Ive used Delta Force Homewood site many occasions and only on the last time i saw it for what it really is - yes its fun but its such a rip off! i understand they have to cover costs but not by THAT much! we bought three smoke grenades - non worked (hence why the manager NEVER actually demonstrates them properly unlike other centres) - not only being charged £3.50 for them - i later discovered that i could purchase them singuly for 50p each or cheaper ..." Read review

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Community Level 2lyndsey74



AdvantagesFRESH AIR


"Delta Force - Zuluwood. We bought a VIP ticket from a woman saying it was the cheapest way to go paintballing. Me and 6 other people went and between us we spent over £300. It was very very expensive. We went early February, probably not the best time to go but our first problem was parking on the bog of a car park. I only have a Corsa and it is not designed for driving through 2 feet of mud and slutch. Everywhere was just mud and water, even in ..." Read review

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