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Read our members scuba diving reviews and advice to find ideal scuba diving sites across the world. You can also order diving equipment such as wet suits, dry suits, diving tanks, masks, underwater cameras plus lots more right here. Read reviews, compare prices and order the diving equipment you need from the best UK ... more

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Mermaids in Training

04.06.2016 Review of OXA Scuba Diving Snorkel Set

"I am very lucky and get offered items to try out and review on Amazon and this snorkel set was one of the item I was sent recently. I probably would not think to buy this at home but would get stung for twice the price on holiday... What's in the set? I ..."

Read full review by beautybuff

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Swimming fins

15.04.2014 Review of Speedo Training Swim Fins

"Ok , here we go, first of all why do you need fins? One of the benefits they can offer is improved flexibility of an ankle. Also it helps you to swim faster and keep the stream line position of the body while swimming. Most of the fins will do this job. ..."

Read full review by DiegoAlatriste

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Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water

21.09.2013 Review of Cressi Sub Matrix

"Before my holiday in Jamaica, I bought a snorkel set as I wanted to spend time in the water looking at all the fish and although the hotel had snorkel sets to hire, I did not really fancy sharing a mouth piece with a stranger. We went on a boat trip and I ..."

Read full review by RosesAreRed1207

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Make the plunge with this diving cylinder

09.04.2013 Review of Faber 3 Ltr 300 Bar Cylinder

"A dive cylinder is probably the most important, yet overlooked pieces of diving equipment. It's purpose is to hold compressed air to allow you to breath underwater and to provide a method for supplying this air to you. ===About Dive Cylinders=== Dive ..."

Read full review by Chrisheels

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